Allie Nicole

Founder of: Barefoot Soul

how would you define strength in terms of your faith?

I see faith as this portal that pours His relentless strength and love into our being when we choose to fully lean into His presence. Therefore to define strength would be defining a part of our King, not a part of us. To me, this embodies home, safety, refuge, light, and pure love. A blanket that wraps around our souls and lets us know that we are carried, that there is something far greater aching for us to simply trust that He knows what He is doing. God's strength holds us, heals us, and helps us break through the sticky layers of darkness within our lives. we just need to surrender.

What areas of life do you feel weakest, and how has that affected your relationship with god?

Currently, I feel weak in most aspects of my existence. as if my dreams are slipping through my fingertips and am losing my grip of everything in my reality. I am scared of being caged in this stagnation season, stuck in this place I have lived my whole life within. A barrier had formed between me and my Savior, because i have allowed myself to be numb, feeding my soul with lies, instead of finding refuge in His open arms. The darkness feels all to real, but so is His light and I am desperately crawling back home into His love where I know I will be held.

describe a time that god was your strength in life?

These past few years I have collapsed into His arms, letting Him carry me into His strength, more times than I could count, but one area is friendships. Since moving across the country in 2015 I have not had a friend in my life and I have struggled with a lot of insecurity. People asking questions, family subtly teasing me, and then here I am trying to figure out what is so wrong that I no one wants to be my friend. But through surrendering into His strength, I am now able to say my best friend is Jesus ( the artist of my life, and keeper of all my teenage secrets) Through this experience, my relationship with Him has most definitely deepened and now I can say that I am really grateful for what first felt like an error. What I went through/ am going through I have learned was never about me not being good enough, but simply about me connecting and relying deeper on my Savior for strength.