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Amy believes words are a gift used as a vessel for God’s glory. They should be spoken. They should be written. They should be heard. And they should be read. First and foremost, His word, before our own. God has worked writing in to Amy’s life for the past 2 years in visions and circumstances that led her to launching and running her own online ministry. A place she designates for God’s truth and love to be cried out, praised, and lived for.

She has read and listened to many known and loved authors such as Jen Wilkin, John Piper, and Max Lucado, but she believes God is using her voice to contribute alongside the thousands of authors and believers out there, with her own personal voice and story. She believes there is no such thing as too many people writing about God, in fact, there aren’t enough.

Her writing style is devoted to biblical truth through personal experiences. She writes what she knows to be true about the bible and stands firm in the face of the hard questions, and in the face of hard circumstances. She prays, through God’s will, that she will produce and provide another voice among this lost world.

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Currently Writing

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