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Bible Study Resources

These resources are to supplement your study with the JMM Workbook. Though they can also be used outside that particular method. 

** some links may be affiliate links at no extra cost to you.


Commentary Bibles

To help you go further in to the context, pulling out the meanings, reasons, and connections that intellectuals have spent years tracing.

The MacArthur Study Bible

Study bibles are a good resource for many reasons: it comes with complete commentary at the bottom of the pages that dive further into the Greek and Hebrew, theological implications, connections from larger biblical stories, etc. This particular study bible also comes with thorough overviews at the beginning of each book to go over history, background, author, interpretive challenges, city, etc. 

This is a solid study bible for the intellects, that like to have as much information as possible to learn and grow. 


The Apologetics Study Bible

This is another solid study bible that combines the thoughts of multiple theologians like Lee Strobel. This one is less commentary and has more "extra:" such as articles, profiles, and notes. 

This one is more for the person that enjoys the extra guidance through more written notes and stories. 


Systematic Study Bible

Another in-depth study bible that focuses on the theme of how our beliefs are specifically rooted in the word of God, it derives around the overarching idea of how scripture helps us understand God and ourselves. 

This one is also more of the article and extra notes form.


These are specific biblical dictionaries that will give you more meaning/insight into scripture than your american dictionary. It is a wonderful addition to your study, however not necessary. 


Journaling/Note Taking

Because I believe it is important to train our minds to re-write, emphasize, and consider specifics within scripture; doing that requires tools. These are a few that I love. 

Bible Highlighters

I never used to be a huge highlighter person, but when it comes to focusing your mind on themes (of your choice) this truly is a good way to do so. It helps your mind dial in on those particular lines. 

Micron Pens

These are by far the best pens I have found to write in my bible. They are thin so the ink doesn't take up a lot of room, and they do not, I repeat do not, bleed through! They are wonderful!

Free Online References


This is a downloadable platform that offers a free basic plan. This is a wonderful resource to look up further commentaries outside your personal study bible as well as definitions. 

Blue Letter Bible

Similar to E-sword, this one has an APP that allows you to click on any scripture and look up teachings, commentaries, notes, as well as Greek and Hebrew language. 

Bible Gateway

This is a classic. What I love about this platform is if you ever want to print your own bible pages with specific margins, you can use this platform to do so. This is a good resource for those that don't want to write directly in their bible, but have more room to get messy. You can print out on regular paper an entire book of the bible and use that to take all of your notes, underline, and highlight. 


This is the platform that many, many seminary students use to help them learn how to and write their sermons. It has similar options for commentaries, teachings, and sermons to search through and learn from.