conquering the enemy

how toconquer the enemy.png

Time is elusive. We can stand still, unaware of moments, events, logic; we can move forward, oblivious to the dust tumbling in our paths. We get lost- mentally our minds separate from our bodies, apart from our awareness, and we end up in a place we don’t recognize. For some, it’s dark, lonesome, and still. For others, its crowded, loud, and overpowering. There’s a middle ground too, where placidity consumes us- standing, breathing, conscious, but inactive. We have the capability of being so engrossed, we confuse reality. That’s how powerful our minds are, that’s how detriment the enemy is.

In a heartbeat, he enters, and in a breath, he strikes. He can taste vulnerability miles away and it fuels his diligence. He’s attentive to the things of our life that holds us captive, that weakens our knees, and sheds light on the holes of our heart. The ideas and thoughts that tangle our morals and smear our outlooks; the past, present and future baggage that our wired body runs from, hides from, or becomes.

Our world is a cave, taller than the eyes can see, and stronger than our human confidence can endure. But we climb it. The choice we have is, do we take the gear, or go free hand?

The enemy is the curving, twisting and rooted divots that we must overcome to reach the top. Are we truly capable to tackle that alone? God doesn’t ask us to. Instead, He provides us with the necessary supply to conquer the hills and stand humbled and joyful at the top.

Here’s the thing: the enemy may know our insecurities, burdens, guilt, and transgressions, but in that knowledge, is his very own weakness. He can’t go beyond those attributes, he cannot physically harm us, he cannot defeat us, he cannot go out of the boundaries that God has placed him in. Take heart in the fact that our very own enemy is predictable and desperate. Think about the areas of your life that you struggle with, is it not consistent? Do you not pray constantly over the items of this world that pull you away from Christ? Every time. Because that is all the devil knows.

What is typically deemed our weakness, the enemy claims. We have a step up on him, we have God. We have a savior to pray to, to give us scriptural and practical strength, to hope in. The devil will come after you, but allow God to prepare your heart and build you for the battle; if you choose to take the gear, you cannot fall.

It is the enemies plan and execution itself that fails him. Because we can see it coming. We have been allowed to know his capabilities, his desires, and his effects; so that we may choose the other route.

James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you

It never fails, the days that I allow my heedful nature to cease I fall into the race of time and life; both of which will never win. Why? Because God has His own timing that is not restricted by the borders of our tangible world. Therefore, when we choose to live our lives for the eternal purpose that we should, we are not racing, but thriving. We are fulfilling the call to glorify His name, and wait for the day of His return, or until He calls us home.

In that waiting, we fight. We battle against the evil and sin the devil has to offer but with full assurance of preparation. We have been bestowed a road map, a war zone, a guide, that is His word to use every day until the waiting is over. We have the knowledge of the enemy’s shortcomings, his Achilles ankle, and have complete direction as how to fight it.

Ephesians 6: 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil

We have been promised trials, we have been guaranteed pain, and we are born sinners. That is a hefty truth to hold. People ask for purpose, for points, for understanding; though there are many ways to answer, one is specifically prevalent now- in Christ we cannot be defeated.

I will ask the question in return, “what’s the point of suffering if there is no Jesus?”

Are we truly satisfied with the answer “it’s just life?” If we were, would we chase our problems around a track, circling and going nowhere? Or is there a reason for it all? The joy, pleasure, trial, and turmoil? If there is a purpose for one, there is a purpose for the other. You cannot separate them, as much as society tries to, as much as the enemy tries to. His goal is to do anything he can to convince ourselves there is no need for Jesus, when in reality, in that desperation, we find that there is every reason for Him.


Search my heart for the doubt that lingers. For the questions I have for pain and suffering. Shed light on who you are and let it overwhelm me. I pray for those that do not know you. Those that are running the track, calling out without the knowledge of who you are and what that could mean for their life. I pray for their stubborn walls to fall, and allow the possibility of your goodness to win them over. I pray for the endurance to withstand the tough questions and concerns, and the diligence to take up the gear you’ve provided, and fight with it.