how I find joy

how tofind joy.png

One of my employees asked me this week, how I fortify the level of joy that I proclaim every day. My first instinct was to laugh- a short, thankful, and reaffirming one. She looked at me with such interest, a thriving life just wishing to understand something; something that burdens my heart in the fact that not everyone knows the answer.

I have a chain. It is pulled, strained, and threatened several times daily, that I choose not to count anymore- but it happens. I feel it as though it is a part of my inner body, I breathe and its tight, I move and its stiff, I talk and it is angered. Most people would say that it is normal, it’s human.

But I say, it’s called being born a sinner.

It is inevitable that mornings of strife and nights with grief will come and go; it is imminent that we succumb to the drooling’s of others around us; and it is necessary that the wicked offerings of this world tempt us.

It is not hard to let our hearts fall to the level of our mind, one we can control but the other is overpowering. The problem is, people don’t understand which one the latter falls into. And therefore, they do not know how to control it.

Let me ask it like this: what’s the likelihood that the majority would fix a broken engine themselves? Even if you are the 1% that would, what’s the chances you’d have to go through at least one avenue for a specific part?

The takeaway- you’ll need help. You cannot fix it alone. My anger, my dissension, my animosity, cannot be fixed by me alone. It is not a switch that can be turned on and off whenever we like- even though we convince ourselves it is- the more we go at it solo, the longer the chain gets.

That’s a temporary fix my friend. Because the chain is still there. My solution, the only solution, is to demolish it completely.

The one certainty that I fall onto is the acceptance of every part of who I am. I can close my eyes and picture the cross, imagining every sin that had ever been acted painted on that wood, and the agony of it all thrusted onto Jesus.

When my chain is being tugged, whether it be by work, a friend, money problems, envy, I remind myself that none of it matters. That ultimately my world, the tangible essence that makes up our lives, is unworthy of our frustration.

Instead, I choose joy. Jesus made the sacrifice that allows me to step out of those chains- the daily resentments and judgement of ourselves and others.

This is not an easy concept. But it’s simple. I couldn’t change my thought process overnight, but I pursued. You must allow yourself to see passed the unavoidable disgrace we see daily, to see the beauty that is Jesus. We were automatically born into sin, so that we may choose to follow him.

So to my coworker, and my readers, that struggle with annoyance and setbacks, there is freedom from it all.

I choose to remember there is no reason to have those emotions, because the only thing we want in life- to be loved- has already happened.

Matthew 6:25 therefore i tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body , what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?