you are worthy Lord

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We take roughly 32,000 breaths in one day- letting the energy of this world filter through our bodies, cleansing our heart with septic desires and an idea of lust that has no match for love. In a life that is overflowing with screened joy, we fall into a pattern of addiction, whether it be by consumption or material value, and still, are dumbfounded by the depression that can consume us. Reality wakes up and sees the dependency on this world as the cause and effect of an unknown identity, an unknown purpose.

32,000 breaths in one single day and you don’t even notice them. It’s natural, and necessary; and I am not worthy of it. I sit here, paying attention to the slow movement of my chest, the smooth inhale and exhale, the feeling of life politely roaring inside of me and I can’t help but try to grasp the amazing act it simply is.

This is, what initially seems to be, an insignificant part of our day. We take it for granted almost every moment we get. We don’t recognize the gift.

Five days ago, when I was trekking up 8 miles of straight incline to be a part of a canyon that has thousands of steps marked every day, those 32,000 breaths didn’t seem so easy anymore. I was gasping by mile two, thighs burning, knees straining- and my eyes fixed on the end goal. This trail brought forth a type of beauty I could never have imagined on my own. My feeble, callow mind could not create the land before me; convincingly a giant watercolor hanging from the tip of the sky- there is no way it was real.

But as I paused with continuous panting, I was wasted in utter peace.

Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”

I am not worthy to see His work- with these eyes that judge, this mind that deceits, these hands that are dirty, and this heart that embellishes. Who am I to set foot on such tranquil land with a body that is full of transgression-

I am not worthy, yet my Father gives me sight, guides my motives, cleanses my soul, and forgives my sin. Suddenly the million breaths we take and thousand steps we walk have a motive and destination. This worldly addiction jumps forth into remission and the things that controlled our life became worthless, and you became wholeheartedly worthy in His eyes.