accepting our sinful nature

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I’ve realized I tend to discuss our “sinful nature.” It has become a staple in my most recent posts, which has prompted a desire to dissect its character as a statement and its truth as a fact.

Why do I lean on this as a description of who we are? Because it is the truest definition of our being, and without accepting it, we could never view Jesus with the glory that He deserves.

Some of the most popular questions that are thrown our way are things like why do we accept His love with all the bad that happens in the world; and why doesn’t God take it all away; or why doesn’t God give us more good?

The answers to these questions ultimately crumble down to the vary raw and vulnerable truth that sin has destroyed God’s original plan, and therefore we are not capable of accepting His good. Let me break this down more.

God first created a world that was considered perfect, or without sin. But we {Adam and Eve} made a choice that changed the course of that life. We became sinners. So, God did grant us what we are now asking, but what makes you think we wouldn’t fall again? We fall every single day. We cannot live a life free of sin. It is who we are.

Romans 5:8 but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us

Every answer you are looking for is in this piece of scripture. The third question was desiring more good. What more could you possibly want than that of a savior? He has given us all we need and more. We were loved and chosen while we were still sinning, while we were still imperfect, while we were still chained. How many of us can say that we willingly love someone that has hurt us? Disobeyed us? Lied to us? We are not so easily convinced, yet God loves us so much that he was able to sacrifice His only son for the entire body. That is more than just one person. That is a wrecking of weight laid on His shoulders as He was crucified.

meaning I can see my reflection and love it, solely for the reason that I was created to be His daughter. Nothing less. (7).png

That is an amazing truth that brings me to my knees in worship every single time. I weep for His love and in praise. I desire to know Him more and serve Him the way He served/serves me. Because of what He did we no longer have to be ashamed of our nature. He already knows it, He knows it so intimately that there’s no way to hide from Him. He knows our thoughts and He knows the workings of our heart. He knows we will always sin against Him, yet He loves us because we then chose to love Him.

Further in Romans it reads “For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son how much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life.”

When we come to accept Jesus, meaning we accept our sinful nature, we are born into the truth that we are made new in Him. We are reconciled so that we may now live our life for His glory, through His will, and by His grace, alone.

Our life then has meaning and purpose, it has an answer to all the questions we seek. It tells us the harsh truth of who we are but then shows us the light of who we can be in Him.

Let our life be lived singing His praise, knowing that we are set free of that sin we are bound to have; knowing that our natural character is what gives Him glory for the sacrifice He boldly and willingly made, while we stood in front of him as sinners in our truest form.

Father God,

Forgive me for the times that my instinct takes over my faith. Forgive me for allowing my sin to burden me, weary me, and tempt me. Let my mind be renewed once again in the greatest sacrifice of your son, the one I didn’t deserve, and the one that sets me free. Let my heart seek you every day, continuously growing closer to who you are and your Holy word. Lord let my life be lived solely for you, knowing that my sin is what makes me need you every day.



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