3 powerful scriptures where Jesus meets us in sin

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Jesus met me in my shame. When I was broken from the ruffled bed sheets, lost in the judgmental world, and desperately trying to find my way. He stepped down from His throne and met me in my darkness.

I know that I am no longer gripped by my past. But my testimony is a part of who I am in Christ and who He is in my life. It’s a witness to His abounding grace and the sacrifice He willingly made. It’s a powerful thing when you realize that there is no such thing as too far gone. Jesus has been there. He has faced every retribution and condemnation that we could ever imagine, yet He would go there again for us. He will willingly meet you wherever you need Him to and continue meeting you every day until His return.

Do not be afraid of what you have done or what you have been through. Do not hide from it or runaway. It is a testament to our Father and His love for us. That there is nothing we can ever do to lose His love.

I challenge you to share your story. Your boldness and vulnerability might be the strength and light someone needs to hear to bring them to their savior. That’s a powerful thing my friends.

3 Powerful Scriptures of Jesus meeting us in sin

John 8:1-11

Often when we’re battling with the depths of feeling like we are unworthy, we forget the two basic principles of God: we are loved, and we are forgiven. This story was a breaking point in my life because it brought me to the truth that our sin is not weighed. We cannot and do not measure the lengths and widths of someone’s faults against our own- because we are all brothers and sisters of the fall. Meaning, we all sin. Over and over again we sin. We have no right to point fingers at those around us knowing that our own shadows are just as dark. Jesus does not hold you up to judgement against your brother but instead asks you to repent and “sin no more.” In other words, leave your life of sin. Lay it down. Take up your own cross and follow Him.

1 Corinthians 15:9-11

Too often we believe that we are “too far gone.” I believed this, and I was chained by it. But more often than that are there examples in the bible of those that had “severely sinned” being saved and loved by Jesus. Paul is one of the many examples. He spent the first part of his life persecuting the church, trying to destroy those professing the faith. By God’s grace alone He was saved and given a new life. So, we see even if you have lived a life of oppression or contempt there is a hope waiting for you. You could never be too far, too bad, too dark for Jesus to know and love you. In fact, He already does amidst that darkness.

Matthew 18:21-35

A story of pleading and forgiving, and how we should love our Father for it. The master graciously wiped the servant’s debt clean. At this time in scripture, this kind of debt was most likely an immense amount of money. An amount outrageous and un-payable. So, the choice to let it go was a form of grace that is not easily found. Yet, the ungrateful servant did not extend the same grace on. The lessons we learn from this story is that Jesus has wiped our debt clean. It has been paid by the cross. We owed an amount far greater than that servants’, yet Jesus took it all on. He met us in a life of unforgivable means and forgave us anyway. So, let go. Lay down your past at His feet because the burden is no longer there. You are not building up a jar of sin, instead an infinite amount of grace. 

So, where has Jesus met you?

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