3 Reasons why we are a redeeming work of God

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Have you ever caught yourself in a lie? Deer in the headlights moment of utter fear as to what just occurred.

It’s like an impulse, or a reflex, that our mind can wander so far from our heart that we have zero control over the words coming out of it. At least, that’s how it feels. It would be our instinct to say, “I don’t know where that came from.” Shake it off and move forward.

But I can’t move forward. I am locked in, stuck in that moment of sin overpowering my will. Unforgiving of such a relentless reflex of my nature.

I think there is a danger in both not feeling stuck and feeling stuck. Because on one hand, we are free from our sin, but on another, we are called to despise our sin. So, where’s the middle ground?

Luke 5:31-32 Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance”

Here’s the freedom: Jesus knows that our nature is to wander. He knows that our instinct is fought by our faith. He knows that our walk with Him is against every once of our natural tendencies. He knows because He has been there. So, if He knows that truth than we can walk forward knowing that the walk is a renewing, redeeming, growing kind of walk. The important thing to remember is the recognition that we are still in a world that sin occurs. We are still in a world that the enemy is over. Therefore, we have to keep moving. Keep living for Him, allowing Him to grow us, mold us, and always, always remember to repent. To come to Him in vulnerability, in weakness, and give Him the glory for freeing us from those chains.

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Your thought might be: but if it’s an instinct, how can I combat that? If it keeps happening, how am I moving forward? Because the more we know and understand Jesus, the more we begin to act like Him. Though we will never be the sinless person He was, we keep working towards that goal. To be the best godly-version of ourselves while we are here, until brought home. So, we move forward knowing that each individual “deer in the headlights” moment is molding us to be more like Him. It’s showing us -

(1) how much we NEED Him, (2) how important it is to repent, and (3) how important it is to keep pursuing Him.

We do this in hope that the next time that situation arises, that lie, or comment, or action won’t happen, and instead the light of Him will shine.

That’s the beauty in our natural, sinful tendencies- we have a savior that conquered them and loves us enough to let us try; but through Him alone. Don’t let yourself be locked in, like I had, don’t let yourself stay in the depths of not forgiving yourself- that’s a deep, dark place to sleep. Instead, reflect on it, repent, and believe in the redeeming work within your life.



I know that you are molding me to be more like you. I am thankful for that every day. But it’s easy for me to either hold a grudge against myself, or not take my sin seriously enough. Cleanse me Lord of these faults. Show me in those moments why it’s important to cling to you, knowing that you understand our human fight, and that you have already forgiven us. Help me remember that it is my mission to pursue you through those moments of weakness, knowing that it is only the closer I get to you that can redeem me.


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What does your walk of faith look like, and how can you grow in it?

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