God touches even the broken

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Guest Post by: Kathy Viney

Suddenly an explosion of catastrophic proportions shattered the peaceful stillness of a star-studded June evening. Piercing through the darkness came the brightness of flashing red and blue lights and the sound of screaming sirens, as police and firemen arrived on the scene.

The stench of explosives penetrated the night air, as Paul and I arrived home to this nightmare, after a busy day at work and church. 

We ran around our house to where a crowd of neighbors had gathered. The loud confusing sound of voices, became a buzzing blur, as we stared in the broken window of our 17 year old son’s basement bedroom. We saw fireman in full gear walking around the basement and police officers gathered around our son; grilling him with questions about what had happened. 

Momentarily, we stood there paralyzed and stunned by the shocking scene that was unfolding. I was trembling, tears steaming down my face, as my husband held me tightly. It felt like we had been hurled into the middle of someone else’s dream. We stood frozen in the corner of this chaotic nightmare, as fear gripped every fiber of our being. 

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We finally gathered a little courage to move inside and downstairs to access the damages. As we began to scan the devastation; there were bear bottles all over the floor, glass everywhere from the explosion and our son’s room being tossed by the police. The officers were once again demanding to know what had happened. “Tell me why you were playing with explosives.” What was going on here tonight?” Our son retorted with a cocky tone, slurred speech and a tinge of anger, “Someone threw it in the window like I said. Why don’t you believe me?”

The questioning continued, “Where are the drugs?” My son exploded with “There are NO drugs!” The police officer disgustedly shouted, “I’ll bring the dogs down here if you don’t tell me!” My Mind was spinning and my heart was crushed with hurt and anger. I starred straight into his eyes and sternly said, “If you have drugs, you better tell them where they are right now!”

Never in my life had I experience the fear and horror of those moments. Panic gripped my body, disbelief stunned my mind and confusion engulfed my emotions, as I tried to make sense of this nightmare being played out before my eyes. How could all this have happened in the few hours I was teaching a Bible Study, at church and picking up my husband from work.

As the nightmare continued; the other rooms in the basement were searched and drugs, drug paraphernalia and a sawed-off shotgun were found. Our younger son was also home that night and was caught up in the sweep of horror. There standing before our eyes stood our two sons handcuffed; the older saying you are going to bail me out and the younger asking for forgiveness. 

As parents we stood there stuck in emotional quicksand; struggling with anger and compassion, love and heartbreak, confusion and bewilderment. The pain and hurt was unreal. Like a jagged knife thrust and twisted into our inner most being; tearing as we watched out handcuffed boys ushered into the darkness of an uncertain tomorrow. My husband took me in his arms and spoke these words of assurance. “Everything is going to be all right” and I finished his words wish, “Because God works it all together for our good and this tragedy will be turned into triumph.” 

God worked a miracle for our younger son. He had to go to counseling, performed Community Service hours and turned his life around by making a decision to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior; walking a Godly path. Our older son did nine and a half months in jail. 

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Walking that journey was devastating, but full of many God Moments, when we experienced His strength, His Power and His Grace. One such experience happened at McDonald’s. It had been a tough day and I felt my heart was broken in a million pieces. I decided to drench my brokenness in a burger and fries. I was standing in line and a couple got in line behind me. The man pulled up beside me introducing himself and then said, “God has a message for you. May we eat with you.” I hesitantly said okay. During the next two hours I was Blessed by their encouraging words. It was as if God had downloaded our situation and gave them the Word I needed to hear, to start putting the pieces of my life back together again. 

I was humbled by this divine appointment and so Blessed by the lengths God went to touch my broken heart and crushed spirit. God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows when you are at your lowest moment and just how to speak speak to us and who to direct across our path to share a word and change our lives.


About the author

Kathy has been involved in ministry for most of her adult life, as her husband, and have spent 25 years pastoring churches in New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Illinois. As co-laborers, she has poured into and developed numerous ministries, enhancing music departments and enriching the lives of women and children. 

In 2017 she published a book entitled Through It All Promises, Shattered Dream and Restoration. 

Website: Kathy Viney / Life Huddles

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