How to feel secure in a world that's not

Had the privilege of guest posting over at Simply Scripture hosted by Sheryl Aeschliman

Adam’s sin rocked the planet but Jesus came to give His children a right standing before God, and that is the only thing that offers us true security.
— Simply Scripture
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Have you ever sat down and thought about how abruptly life goes from innocent to insecure?

Can you pinpoint the time of your life where you suddenly started to understand good and evil and realized that nothing in this world can be counted on? It’s quite arbitrary, to think about it; and quite daunting, to recognize it bubbling up in your life, because it emphasizes the impact of our world on a very frail heart. Insecurity can ever so slowly start to emerge in our daily life and wreak havoc on our own personalities. We begin to recognize and contribute sin into the equation of our insecurity.

The power in this world is terrifying. As we continue to grow up, the revelation of our own sinfulness grows as well. We start to see the world and all it’s expectations, pressure, judgement, and hatred. It’s filled with it. We begin to feel and see the temptations and feel emotions we hadn’t felt before. We begin to recognize and contribute our own sinful tendencies into the mix. We ask questions and desperately try to make sense of it all. We search and long for an identity and purpose and in doing so, we realize that we trying to find security in the very things that crumble. Who am I? …

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