Guest Posting

The reason

We truly believe there is a powerful thing that happens when reading and learning from one another. Our stories, our voices, our hearts; they are made in His image but all uniquely made. That means we have something to bring to His kingdom, for His glory, to further His mission. We want to encourage and support the speaking up of those that know and have the love of Jesus living and breathing inside of them. 

So, speak up! We want to hear what God is doing and has done in your life. 

The details

Please make submissions between 700-1000 words

Your blog/website will be advertised a long with any social media links you'd like in the short bio you provide. I ask that if your piece is selected, on the day of your article you post a short excerpt on your personal page that links back to the original post.

I'll reach out to you within a week of submission to let you know if your piece has been selected or not. Make sure to read some posts before submitting, so you familiarize yourself with the voice we are looking for. To put it generally: we want posts that are truth filled, Jesus centered, and tells a story. We are a ministry that believes in the hard conversations as much as the easy ones. 

Thanks so much for wanting to participate and share the good news!

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