Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.


Why do we study the word of God?

As believers, we are called to know and obey God's word -> but, we are also a flawed people, that get overwhelmed, stressed, and busy quite easily. What's the first thing we tend to see go when these moments occur? Our time with the Lord. 

We let go of Him and grab the world. Forgetting the beautiful truth that He is so much bigger than our circumstances and situations. He promises us both His strength through it and a reason for it. He is with us. But are we with Him?

Let's take a moment and remind ourselves the undeniable importance of studying God's word. The pages that bring us guidance, truth, light, and conviction; how often do we open them? How often do we run to them? 

Below is a round up of many fellow Jesus-loving bloggers that have felt passionate about this topic enough to write about it.

That says something: not only about the importance itself, but maybe about our culture and its' lacking in the same passion. Let's jump start a new wave of devoted love for our Lord. Let's run after Him the way we are called, and encourage our brothers and sisters to do the same. 



What is truth?

"I don’t believe the problem for many people today is belief that there is no truth.  But rather belief that there is no absolute truth.  Truth that never changes.  That is not based on circumstances or opinion.  And that we must answer to. Our human nature wants what it wants, and wants to live the way it wants, without having to answer to God.  We are self-focused and want our “truth” to accommodate our own agenda..."

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About the author: Teresa Hodge

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Teresa is married to her high school sweetheart, Todd.  They have been married for 35 years and have two daughters.

Teresa was saved at age 13 and over the past twenty years He has allowed her to lead women’s prayer, soul-winning, and Bible study groups in several churches.  But a couple years ago, the Lord showed her that she needed a more meaningful quiet time with Him.  She had become guilty of just going through the motions of time alone with God. 

And that’s when the Lord led her to begin a Bible reading accountability blog at Ladies Drawing Nigh where the ladies keep each other encouraged, motivated, and accountable to really seek God and draw nigh to Him in their quiet time each day. 



The importance of meditating on God's word

"Meditate day and night? I wish I could take a nap day and night. But David says in Psalm 63:1 that he will seek the lord early, and then in verse 6 “When I remember You on my bed, I meditate on You in the night watches.” Have you picked a time of day and made it a priority to read and meditate? I myself need to be more intentional in this area. After we make it part of our daily routine, then we must start to personally apply the knowledge of the truth in our lives..."

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About the author: Natalie Venegas

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Natalie s is a married, mother of two who is devoted to her King. She has a heart for the new believer and writes about the transformative power of Christ on her blog Milk & Honey Faith. When she isn’t reading or writing she can be found spending her time with her family, sipping on coffee, or daydreaming about the sea.



Becoming a Disciple through scripture

"The meta-story of the Bible paints a picture of a God who lovingly seeks after us. Throughout the 66 different books, different authors tell different audiences about a God who loves his people, is a protector, has fulfilled numerous promises and so much more. The descriptions of God have given rise to beautiful poems about his goodness. But many of us don’t know God. We don’t understand how he can be both just and loving. We can’t grasp how his wrath is good or how he is our rescuer..."

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About the author: Paula Francis Price

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Paula Frances Price works with Greek InterVarsity. Over the past 11 years she has worked on the campus of University of Georgia, training fraternity and sorority students to be lights in their chapters. Through her work with Greek InterVarsity she has seen the freedom God provides when his invitation to love all people is taken seriously. Paula Frances is originally from Spartanburg South Carolina. She now lives in Athens Georgia with her family. Her website is: Being Molded. 



Encouragement to memorize scripture

"While I knew how to translate these verses, I found it easier to learn them by heart in English. That way, I would be able to fall back on them under pressure. Therefore I memorised the whole of John’s Gospel as well as the other books mentioned. Having whole books of the Bible instantly accessible had a massive impact on me. My perspective on memorising scripture and knowing it inside out changed dramatically. Now I’m not suggesting you go and memorise an entire book of the Bible. However, I do want to emphasise the importance of learning scripture and not relying too much on technology..."

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About the author: Robert Sang

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Robert is the founder of Drawing on the Word. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Master’s degree in Systematic Theology. He also has a degree in Law and was called to the Bar. Robert previously taught religious studies and was a theology lecturer. He is an artist, musician and writer, and has created a graphic novel version of Luke’s gospel.



pink theology: an issue within bible study

"How often do we as Christ followers do, to bible studies and sermons what I did with the berries? We search for a bible study and select one based on various attributes that fit our current flavor. More often than not we scour blogs and books in search of answers or we attend a church based on what we view as a wow factor. I don’t mean these words to be harsh, but they need to be said. We need to rid ourselves of pink theology..."

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About the author: Christine Carter

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Christine A. Carter is a writer and artist for Right Brain Theology, a blog where theology and art intertwine. Along with being an artist and writer, Christine is also a wife, a homeschooling mother of four, and a biblical counselor. Christine has held a deep desire to know God and His word in depth, while also pursuing the gifts He has given her. In college, Christine focused on graphic design and photography, while later obtaining a certificate from the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship. She has a deep passion for teaching women the gospel and to love God not just with their hearts, but with their minds as well. She finds writing to be an opportunity to articulate her thoughts and invoke conversation with her readers. Through writing and art, Christine aims to provide gospel-hope, encouragement, and understanding. 



5 Reasons to study God's word

"During a Sunday lesson, she told us to open our Bibles so we could follow along with her. When she asked how many had their Bibles she praised us for having them there. She went on to say, without opening your Bibles when the speaker is reading you don’t know whether they are reading from the Bible or making something up. One girl innocently said, but Mrs. Colwell, we trust you, you wouldn’t lie to us. With a smile Mrs. Colwell said, No, I would never lie to you intentionally, but there are those who will..."

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About the author: Lori Tullis

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Lori is a Georgia Peach with a love for BBQ and sweet tea. She’s a self taught knitter and after eight years of knitting, she completed her first afghan. Lori has been married to her husband for 20 years. They have an 18 year old son whom they recently graduated from homeschool. Lori has now returned to the classroom where she teaches kindergarten. When Lori isn’t caring for her family, knitting, or teaching, she is blogging at Frog’s Lilypad.



To know the truth - and be set free

"In the same way, we must first be fed the more basic spiritual food so that we can grow into being able to take in and digest (understand) the more complex spiritual foods. Reading the Bible, while sometimes can be a little confusing, is the best, most basic, form of spiritual food. To be able to grow into a “full experience of salvation” we need to know take in the truth of who and what God is; and there is no better way to know that than by reading the Bible!.."

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About the author: Kristen Neumann

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Kristen Neumann grew up, and currently resides on her family's cattle farm in rural Alberta, Canada where she also works as a Health Care Aide in a Hospital and Nursing Home. While Kristen is a passionate writer, she also loves to read, bake-she especially loves to minister to people through cooking for them, performing musically and speaking. Fun Facts about Kristen: She used to play clarinet in high school band, she loves dark and white chocolate, her favorite sport (to play) is baseball and she is only a mere five feet tall-which is why she can commonly be found wearing some form of high heeled shoes! Her website is: Warrior Women Ministries



How to be spiritually fit

"I’m convicted that my perceived level of exertion to gain scriptural knowledge is just that—perceived. I know that I’ve barely touched the surface of the deep waters contained in the Bible. There’s an ocean of treasures to find. And unlike my grueling workout class, the time spent searching the word is enjoyable to me. I can’t get enough of it. I’m always learning something new..."

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About the Author: Valerie Murray

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Valerie Murray is a wife of 22 years and a busy mom to 4 energetic children. She writes at ValerieMurray about keeping faith and family strong through Christ. Her heart’s desire is to offer hope to others and declare the glory of God in her life through her writing. Her mission is to offer encouragement to struggling marriages, overwhelmed moms and people striving to face their fears and know their worth. Coffee, chocolate and a good movie always makes her happy!



A look in to Timothy

"In a time when there were lots of false teachers in the church, this was an important piece of advice. Paul was a man writing with a mission: his beloved church was on the verge of being destroyed because of men who did not take the time to properly understand the truth of God before telling it to others..."

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About the Author: Ami Coote

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Aminata Coote is a wife, mother, writer and follower of Jesus Christ. She is passionate about helping women to run their race. She encourages women to first know God, then know themselves while getting on with the business of running their race. Her website is: Hebrews 12 Endurance



Misusing Scripture

We are a rebellious kind of creation, people are. Always pushing the envelope, questioning the rules, trying to skirt the truth and manipulate it to fit our ideas of how things should be. It’s easy to call kids out on such things. To tell them to be honest, upright, and truthful… but we adults tend to have a harder time with such things. We justify speeding by saying we were late, or it was only once. We try to and make excuses for lies by categorizing them into white, saving-face, or helpful. We rate criminals on a hierarchy of lawlessness and look for the extenuating circumstances that may in some small way justify the actions. God doesn’t do that though..."

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About the Author: Kelly Warner

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Kelly is the author and creator of Hope In The Chaos, a motivational website designed to help homeschooling families navigate the chaos of life through faith, family, and homeschool related information and posts. She lives in Maine with her husband and their four children, ages 4-14. She is an avid reader (when she finds the time) and has passed that love of literature onto her children. In addition to homeschooling and running her online business, Kelly is a co-leader of her church’s youth group and is active in many church-related activities.