Psalm 119: 105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

How do we practically study the bible?

There's a reason we run to scripture as believers. It is God's way of communicating to us, guiding us, teaching us, and building a relationship with us. 

But, as a flawed body of people, the weight of that truth can sometimes feel overwhelming, intimidating, and/or confusing. A lot of us can relate to the emotion of looking at a bible and asking yourself where you start, how you begin, what exactly you are supposed to do and how. It can become staggering when it's meant to be life-giving. You aren't alone in those feelings. We have all experienced them. 

I've looked around my community and asked myself, "how in the world are they getting that out of this?" Which would grip me, producing a fear to speak up and ask. That is a situation I am determined to break through. I want to guide our generation in shattering those insecurities and cultivating an environment and faith that is bold, sure, and loved in the grace of God. 

And there are many other bloggers desiring the same thing. We've rounded up a list of fellow Jesus-loving bloggers that have written about their tactics and their tips. 

Here's the thing: there is no one perfect way to study. There is so much power in simply going to Him- as long as the outcome is actually HIM. So, find the one that satisfies that. Find the technique, strategy, and tip that guides you personally in growing closer to Jesus and guides your faithful walk. 

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12 Habits for Quiet Time

“Getting something” out of your quiet time is an important topic. Understanding your Bible is a life-long journey because the depths of the riches in God’s Word are infinite! I wanted to take the time to walk you through some of the tips I’ve learned that make for a meaningful time in the Bible. I have often been discouraged with feeling like opening God’s Word was a waste of time because I walked away feeling like I had nothing to carry with me for the day..."

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About the author: Stephanie Lynn Smith

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Stephanie Smith writes at Read Cook Devour where she shares recipes, strategies for kingdom-minded living, and practical discussions of Scripture. She is passionate about helping women think deeply about God’s Word and apply it to their lives. Stephanie, her husband, and two children reside on the west coast of Florida. She is most likely to jump into a conversation about good food or impactful literature. In between housework Stephanie takes advantage of her sometimes-clean kitchen to cook or bake another mess. She enjoys a glass of wine, but can usually be talked into ice cream instead.



A girl's mirror for a radiant life: the Bible

"When you stand in front of a mirror, what do you do after you see a reflection of your image in it? You fix your hair properly, adjust your dress, remove any unwanted particle that may be standing here and there, and a lot others, right? However, a lot of people who profess belief in the bible as God’s word do not use it as a mirror..."

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About the author: Chiamaka Oji

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Chiamaka is a daughter of God, lover of His word, blogger and writer. She passionately encourages and equips young women to fully embrace and live out biblical femininity. Author of the inspiring ebook – Six Sure Secrets of Radiant Beauty. You could get a copy FREE at her website. And yes, she loves music, violin, farming, healthy living, people.



How to start studying your bible better

"Now, I am not saying either of those things are necessarily bad. In fact, anything that turns your heart and mind toward Christ is wonderful. However, we cannot live off of the breadcrumbs of one-verse devotional books forever. Only when we learn to dive deep into scripture for ourselves do we get stronger in our faith and more committed to a life lived for Christ. Once I learned how to study the Bible for myself, I began to understand scripture and how to apply it to my life. My spiritual growth exploded and I found myself being excited to open my bible and get digging. My devotions were no longer an item on my checklist but a main event to my day..."

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About the author: Ashley Pointer Harris

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Ashley is a writer and founder of Faithfully Planted, a ministry that seeks to encourage and equip women to grow in their faith and plant deep roots in Christ. She writes about practical faith, bible study, prayer, marriage, relationships and Christ-centered womanhood. She is a coffee-addict, Army wife & future Chaplains spouse, lover of comfy sweatshirts, fall and the feeling of finishing a good book. She and her husband are actively involved in their local church and are preparing for ministry in Active Duty Army Chaplaincy. Her husband is in Seminary as well as the National Guard and she works full time at a local community college. Subscribe to her page for a library of free resources to help you grow in your faith!



How to specifically enjoy studying the bible

"When we understand the value of anything, we will make time for it no matter what. Think of it this way, if you are at work, and the court house called you and said you inherited $1,000,000 but you needed to come down right away. You would make miracles happens to get there because you value the $1,000,000. Well, when we value the opportunity for God to speak to us, as being worth more than money and more than life itself, we will make the time to read His word..."

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About the author: Timberly Gray

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André and Timberley do life together as a husband and wife team who, raise a family, serve as bi-vocational Pastors, and help others find the balance in life through their blog Living Our Priorities. Like many people, they found themselves frustrated trying to find balance with their; faith, family and work. That’s when they discovered the priorities of God. And once they purposed to live by them, it not only changed their marriage, it changed their life! Now they find great joy inspiring others to live within the priorities of God.



The H.E.A.R Bible Study Method

"But neither of these acronyms seemed to fit my need.  I needed to be ever mindful that the purpose of having a quiet time was to meet with God, to fellowship with and communicate with Him. The Bible tells us in Psalm 103:20 that we hear God through “the voice of His Word.”  And that’s what I want. I want to hear Him!.."

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About the author: Teresa Hodge

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Teresa is married to her high school sweetheart, Todd.  They have been married for 35 years and have two daughters. Teresa was saved at age 13 and over the past twenty years He has allowed her to lead women’s prayer, soul-winning, and Bible study groups in several churches.  But a couple years ago, the Lord showed her that she needed a more meaningful quiet time with Him.  She had become guilty of just going through the motions of time alone with God. And that’s when the Lord led her to begin a Bible reading accountability blog at Ladies Drawing Nighwhere the ladies keep each other encouraged, motivated, and accountable to really seek God and draw nigh to Him in their quiet time each day. 


Want to specifically learn how to find Jesus within your bible study?