"Where has Jesus met you?" Series

Enjoy a 10 day series of guest bloggers bringing us in to their testimonies, stories, and beautiful encounters with God. 

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Kim Van Dunk

"Well, I didn’t need to look far to find the perfect example in God himself. I surely was not (and am not) without sin. I had done some downright ugly things. I turned my back on the Lord. I was in need of forgiveness. I sought forgiveness and it was granted to me..."

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Sophie Elise

"I couldn’t imagine us getting divorced or either of us trying to raise our children on our own. I just knew that I couldn’t go on with the way we were living.

That night, he asked me the question that would end up changing everything: “Do you love God more than you love me?”..."

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Kari Touchette

"We talked about my past and the guilt that I carried with me. A couple of weeks later I was baptized. I felt so much joy and excitement. My slate was clean and it was a fresh start. I smile every time I think about that moment. .."

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Christian Bohlen

"It was obvious why some people were bent down in an attitude of worship. This insight was a gift of spiritual light that filled me mercifully, with no effort of my own.

This gift entered my soul at a time that I was behaviorally in rebellion against God and was giving him no thought whatsoever. It was pure grace..."

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Jennifer Wagner

"That was my turning point. J reminded me that for this season, I needed to sit at the feet of my Savior and weep. He reminded me to take time to let the Lord heal my heart and my body. I needed to give this over to Jesus. It has been a slow process, but I am learning… and so is J. Together, arm in arm, we sit at the feet of Jesus and let Him draw us near..."

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Kathy Viney

"As parents we stood there stuck in emotional quicksand; struggling with anger and compassion, love and heartbreak, confusion and bewilderment. The pain and hurt was unreal. Like a jagged knife thrust and twisted into our inner most being; tearing as we watched out handcuffed boys ushered into the darkness of an uncertain tomorrow. My husband took me in his arms and spoke these words of assurance. “Everything is going to be all right” and I finished his words wish, “Because God works it all together for our good and this tragedy will be turned into triumph...”

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Lydia Woods

"God held me the whole time I was experiencing the pains of miscarriage. Not just the excruciating physical pain of labor, but all the emotional pain of losing my beloved son who I had longed for 3 years to hold. As bad as the physical pain was, the emotional pain was and is much worse. It's a trauma I will never fully get over. But God met me where I was. I was full of grief but He was full of love..."

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Ashley Harkleroad

"The other students seemed to be so much older than I. They used words people would only spell out at my last school. They talked about thing I had only seen on T.V. I didn’t know how to balance what I was learning at church, with what was going on at school. So I didn’t. I let Satan win. I rebelled against my mother and my teachers..."

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Sheryl Aeschliman

"In His infinite mercy and love for me, God tore down every single idol. It was brutal!! Tragedy, pain and tears were the tools that my Great Physician skillfully used to ultimately heal me. Over several agonizing years, God peeled away the layers of self worship, carnal religious trappings and pride. He showed me security, total surrender, and lavish grace at the foot of His cross! When I saw Jesus for who He was, I saw the depth of my depravity, and I died. Acceptance..."

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Hayley Solich

"My plan moving to the city was to party. However, my cousin had become a born again Christian and consequently, I walked into this wall of love that was truly indescribable. The broken part of me was like a thirsty sponge, just soaking it all up. Within a week, I was begging my cousin to let me accept Jesus into my life. And that is when I met the Father of my dreams – Father God. His unconditional love completely saturated my soul and filled me with a peace I had never known before..."

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