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The "Jesus Meet Me" Bible Study Method

Learn how to find Jesus in your bible study every single time...


I have a question for you: when you listen to your pastor preach, read a Christian book, immerse yourself in community, do you ever wonder how they are understanding the bible the way they are? How they have made it to that conclusion, how they have cultivated such joy, how they have walked away with a clear understanding of who Jesus is?


Does it ever seem like you are surrounded by people that have a stronger ability to read and understand His word? And for some reason you just don’t have that gift?

I promise you friend, it’s not a gift that you weren’t granted. In fact, what if I told you there’s a clear and easy way to see the bigger picture? That there is a bible study method that will teach anyone how to slowly learn the context, pull apart the words, and lead you to a more intimate relationship with your savior and King?

Would you take the time to learn it? To learn this bible study method that will change the course of your walk with God for the better? – Because it will give you all the above desires. You will walk away knowing Jesus as if He was sitting in the chair next to you and drinking coffee. You will be able to pick up the bible and know exactly what to do to understand and apply.

And you will want to run to Him every day.

This is exactly what happened to me- and I am praying fervently every day that it does the same for you.


This bible study method is for you if... 

  1. Feel like everyone around you has no struggle reading the bible

  2. Feel overwhelmed with the amount of information to process

  3. Feel unequipped and rather just stick with Sunday sermons

  4. Feel as though your joy in the Lord is too hard to find

Then YES, this method is for YOU! and no, you are not alone!

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What can I promise you that this method will provide?

  1. Allows you to flip anywhere in the bible and know how to begin

  2. Sets you up to find Jesus all throughout scripture

  3. Dissects the context in a way that cultivates understanding

  4. Organizes the immense amount of information to help you apply the lessons/stories

What this bible study method offers...

  1. A bible study guide that you'll never get tired of

  2. a workbook that lasts one full year

  3. a full online course to train you

  4. an online community with guided studies for those using the method

  5. an endless resource to meet Jesus

Purchasing Options:

Options w/o the physical workbook:
1. Use the free sample breakdown of the bible study method and a personal notebook
2. Go through the online course designed to fully train and equip you on the method and used with a personal notebook
Options w/ the physical workbook:
1. Use the free sample breakdown of the bible study method alongside the physical workbook
2. Go through the online course designed to fully train and equip you on the method alongside the physical workbook (this bundle is a 35% discount!)


Why join us in studying scripture?


We do not run to scripture to build a biblical resume; but rather to build a relationship


We do not run to scripture to strut, to step with pride in self confidence; but rather to walk. Walk in God, walk in the light, and walk in grace. 


We do not run to scripture to perfect ourselves in ability or mind, but to cultivate an unwavering trust in the Lord

This bible study method teaches you these steps. It is designed to guide you through the importance of the bible and what that means for our life. 


Still not convinced? Some bonuses...

Not only will this bible study method improve your walk with God individually, but it also provides a foundation to bible study as a group. A guide in and of itself that equips you with a tool to study with a another person, or launch your own small group. Bible study doesn't have to be complicated, we are just a people that are very good at thinking so - let this resource be an all-inclusive Jesus tool for your walk with Him.

In fact...

The online course will walk you through two bonus concepts: discovering your confidence in Christ (so that you first prepare your heart to study) and the act of discipleship (where we talk about what this truly means and what it actually commands of us as believers). 

Go further in to the depths of your calling as His child and learn what it looks like to take your personal bible study, and pour in to others! This is just another bonus to this bible study method and all of its' resources! 


Students who are new to Bible study, as well as those with great prior knowledge, will gain insight from the Jesus Meet Me method. Readers will better understand God’s heart for our world after delving into word choice and meaning, the intent of a speaker, and cultural norms. This method drives home how defined God’s message is by referencing the way it is repeated in multiple time periods by different speakers. The JMM cracks open Bible study making it approachable for everyone!
— Rachel Mayew
Studying Scripture has always been one of the ways I connect with Jesus. I love reading His Word, but I also love a good devotional or heading to my favorite Christian author to see what they say about Scripture. Recently, though, I’ve felt convicted to put aside the books and the devotionals and simply focus on what God says in His word. As I went through the Jesus Meet Me Workbook, I remembered how much I love studying the Bible. It has reminded me to get back to the basics of looking into the context, the definitions, the people read in Scripture. I have loved the accountability that each day brings, reminding me to dig a little deeper and grow a little more each time I open my Bible!
— Emily Saxe
I love this Bible study method because it has helped me to effectively break down short sections of the Bible and understand the meanings and context from a fresh perspective. It’s a great way to slow down and pull rich insights from the text. Thank you for for sharing this amazing way to dive deep into God’s Word.
— Sheryl Aeschliman
What I love about the JMM method is the the emphasis on understanding the original context of the passage through definitions/background before we think about application in our life now. So often we look at passages and struggle to understand how a passage applies and/or misinterpret it’s meaning when we read a passage the 1st time through. In this method, you intentionally take time to understand why certain words are used in Scripture and who the audience is. Doing so gives you a deeper understanding of the Lord and His will. I also love that this method naturally encourages us to not only memorize His Word, but also understand the passage because true understanding + application leads to remembering.
— Marie Williams
The idea of Bible study can be intimidating. In the past, I’ve struggled with where to start, how much time to spend, finding context, understanding the big picture, and so on. The Jesus Met Me method provides an in-depth way of diving into scripture, using practical resources and tools to enhance your study. The JMM method has helped me look deeper into Bible passages—to not only gain knowledge of what I’m reading but to truly understand it. With the strategy of re-reading scripture and looking into different aspects of the passage, such as historical background and biblical definitions, I’ve found it helpful in memorizing verses as well! Whether you’re new to studying the Word or have been studying for years, this a method that you can easily adapt into your personal quiet time.
— Liz Richardson

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