Week One

Hey guys :) happy Saturday! So excited that we're diving into Philippians together! Praying that you're encouraged beyond belief as Paul encourages the Philippians through this letter. If you have any questions, comments, concerns.. always feel free to reach out to us :) check out our Instagram and Facebook for more details!

Week Two

Hey fam :) Heading into our study of week two and these verses had me convicted. God can USE our faith and trials to move mountains of fear in our lives and the lives around us. Do you believe that? Praying you will feel encouraged and take this into your next week.

Week Three

Week Four

Hey there fam :) Happy Saturday! This week get ready to come face to face with your circumstances and this life. We love you SO much! ❤️
Good morning YouTube fam! What a week. Almost didn't think I was going to be here with ya'll this morning! Got attacked by a few different sicknesses this week and by the grace of God here we are talking about Philippians! He is so good.

Week Five

Week Six

Hey there! Can you believe we are already in chapter 2 of our Philippians study? I know I can't! I have enjoyed every Saturday morning spending time with you in the word of God. As we head into week 5, I want to ask you one question: What are you waiting for??
Goodmorning! It's that sweet summertime. For many, summer means more family time and more down time. Whatever summer looks like for you, lets continue making everyday for the glory of our God. We are halfway through our study of Philippians. I pray you are feeling more joy every day as you dive into this letter.

Week Seven

Week Eight

Goodmorning, last week we took a look at how We can work out our salvation through obedience, being lights in a dark world, and rejoicing in the ministry of God and not our own. Before hopping into this weeks scripture.. I have one question: have you ever struggled with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?
Hey guys :) Heading into chapter 3 and my heart is as full as ever ❤️ God is so good!

Week Nine

Week Ten

Week 9 is upon us! Last week we hopped into an awesome text where we were encouraged to live in the light of the truth of the gospel. This week we are diving into some pretty intense topics.
Tackling week 10 of our Philippians study this morning. Last week we spent some time talking through the importance of running the race set before us and living as citizens of heaven rather than the earth. This week we're going to be covering how our common ground in community is Christ, our joy is Christ, our peace is Christ, and our thoughts are Christ.

Week Eleven

Week Twelve

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