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Rebecca Rice

Founder of: Rice Revelations

how do you define strength in terms of your faith?

I define strength in terms of my faith as “the will to keep going.”  It is such a strong concept, see what I did there, to explain but so important!  To me, strength is taking any situation and finding a way to get through it.  You don’t have to end up on top, but you do have to get through!   In my life, our Lord and Savior is what gives me this “strength.” 

what's your weakest area and how has it affected your relationship with god?

The weakest area of my life is my judgement.  I tend to judge people even before knowing them.  This negatively impacts my relationship with God because it is he who gets to make our judgements not us.  God made us all and although some people are different (spiritually, physically, intellectually) we still need to love all the same way! 

describe a time in your life that god was your strength?

 God was my strength throughout the time when my Grandmother had a stroke and massive brain bleed and through her death.  Grieving is incredibly hard and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy but it is something that must happen.  It was so hard to understand why God would do something so terrible to me by taking away my Grandmother, but then it hit me.  God did not take her from me he called her home!  In that realization I found strength in God.  He helped me through the most difficult thing I had ever faced, and while I am still not finished with my grieving period (it’s been four years) I am through the most difficult part!  Strength in the Lord is all we need in life!